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Windows 8/RT Device Stats for the month of December,2012, Surfact Tablet still popular
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Windows 8/RT Device Stats for the month of December,2012, Surfact Tablet still popular

There is so much talk about Windows 8 OS – Good, bad and ugly confusing but Microsoft has sold more than 40 million licenses so far and eventually, people might get used to the completely overhauled and reimagined Windows OS. Personally, I like the new Windows 8 OS and their devices.

So how is the windows 8 / RT based devices faring in the market?

AdDuplex, a cross-promotion ad network for windows platform apps, has released a data on windows 8/RT devices and accordingly Microsoft’s Surface tablet is the single most popular Windows 8 RT device, though the other OEMs are catching up fast with the software giant.

Windows Surface holds a 6% market share, closely followed by HP with it’s array of three inexpensive devices. With Microsoft yet to roll out Surface Tablet across multi-retail outlets though they are slowly moving in that direction and its non-availability in many Windows centric countries, the other OEMs might soon reduce the gap with the Redmond giant’s first tablet.

The Surface’s direct competitor ASUS VivoTab RT has managed only 1% share so far.

It would be interesting to see how the chart changes in the coming months.


When it comes to the manufacturers, HP with its slew of affordable devices leads the chart with 22%, followed by Dell at 10%. Both the traditional Windows based OEM’s might pull out all their stops to maintain their lead in a world now challenged and overtaken by Android and Apple eco-systems.


Data and image source: AdDuplex

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