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Now Sport an Android Watch: SmartWatch from Sony
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Now Sport an Android Watch: SmartWatch from Sony

Imagine stuck at a lecture hall and in middle of a boring session or you are bored to death at a get together but cannot flash your mobile openly and fiddle with it or your phone is in your bag and you don’t have to dig into the bag every time you get a message alert or simply you need to discreetly keep a tab on your sms, social networking updates and calls for whatever reason it might be, here is one beautiful solution from Sony,  SmartWatch.

This is not a first of the kind from Sony, having a similar product called LiveView that could be either clipped or could be worn on an arm by a band. SmartWatch could be termed as the updated version of LiveView both in terms of aesthetics as well as feature-wise. It looks elegant, more trendy with loads of cool attitude in it and a better looking watch too on hand.

SmartWatch Features:

Easy-to-use, responsive touch display

Multi-touch color OLED display

Access your music / video lists you have stored on phone and listen/watch them on your watch.

Easily get twitter/facebook updates on the screen.

You can reject and mute calls, pre-defined sms, take call and use headset.

Read SMS.

Read emails.

Set calendar reminders on display.

Download compatible apps from Android market.

Bluetooth connectivity for better ease.

The watch is compatible with all the Xperia models.

The watch can be customized with any 20mm wristband. So you can color co-ordinate, get funky and make your own style statement. Also you can clip it.

It comes with a USB charger and has a battery backup for upto 1 week, though it depends on your app usage.

So if you are looking forward to flash the watch, it would burn your pocket by around 150$! So are you going to flaunt it?

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