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Samsung Galaxy Note 3 features video demo [with real life scenario]
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Samsung Galaxy Note 3 features video demo [with real life scenario]

Undoubtedly Galaxy Note 3 is the best Android smartphone  money can buy today and amidst the galaxies of Samsung devices Galaxy Note series is my most preferred devices. Every new release in the series has upped the game in terms of hardware specs and features and S-Pen gave a new dimension to the once scorned stylus and credit goes to Samsung for reinventing it for mass consumption.  Back in 2010 Steve Jobs mentioned “If you see a stylus, they blew it” but Samsung proved Steve wrong with Note series.

With Galaxy Note 3 at our review desk, we thought of doing few fun videos on some of the features that impressed us outright.  We imagined few real life scenario where Galaxy Note 3 comes very useful. We will come up with a detailed review of various features in a series of posts on coming days. Till then, enjoy the videos.

Mr.Foodie is a happy man now with Galaxy Note 3


Here  in this video we have touched upon features like Photo Note, S-Note, Scrap book etc. Photo Note feature allows to write quick note behind the photos you have snapped for quick reference like how you write down at the back of real photos. S-Note is a hallmark feature of Galaxy Note 3 which makes best use of S-Pen. You can write notes, import pictures and annotate them and also share the notes. Scrapbooker is a new app making its presence in Galaxy Note 3 where we can syndicate and organize interesting data you come across including web pages, videos, pictures, notes etc.

 How Galaxy Note 3 Screen Write feature comes very handy


Galaxy Note 3 introduces a new quick access menu tool, Air Command which pops up the moment S-Pen is pulled out. At any point of time it can also be accessed by clicking the S-button on the S-Pen. The Air command gives easy access to Note 3’s S-Pen optimized features like Action memo, Scrap booker, Screen Write, S Finder and Pen Window.

In this video we have visualized a real life scenario where Screen Write features makes communication of thoughts very easy.

Mr. Executive starts using Galaxy Note 3

How many times you and me have come across situations where we scramble for a paper or writing pad to jot down the numbers or information while on a call? Many a times, right. Galaxy Note 3 simplifies life with its S-Pen as well as the newly introduced Action memo feature which recognizes and converts the memo ready for further action. For eg, if you have jotted down a phone number you can immediately add to contacts or call the number. Galaxy Note 3 does a fine job in handwriting recognition too.

Did you enjoy our video? We will come up with detailed review of Galaxy Note 3 features in subsequent posts. Stay ‘Noted’

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