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Opera Mini for Android now offers two different data compression modes
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Opera Mini for Android now offers two different data compression modes

One of the key reason for Opera Mini’s popularity is its ability to compress the data and thus allowing the user to save on their data consumption. For those using Opera Mini, the experience of optimum data consumption just got better with the company updating the app with a new version that offers two different modes: high and extreme.

The users can toggle between both the modes depending on the different network conditions and need for data conservation and experience their browsing experience.

So what happens when you shift to extreme-compression mode? When you  are on a slow network condition or when you are on little mobile data, this mode will be effective. Though be noted that it may affect the layout of the webpages.

If you like to see how both the modes looks and feels, checking out Facebook on the Opera mini on both the modes will give you an idea. In high-compression mode, Facebook has a dynamic look and feel and smoother video playback whereas in the other extreme mode, the browsing experience would be faster but it also comes with compromises like scaled-down images and interface with less dynamic content.

“Opera Mini has for a decade helped hundred of millions of users across the globe to access their favourite content on the internet no matter which mobile phone they had or how slow their data connection was. With the rise of better smartphones and better network conditions our users now want the option to have a less aggressive data compression mode so they can experience the full internet when network conditions allow for it,” says Christian Uribe, Product Manager of Opera Mini at Opera Software.

On Facebook for example, users can clearly see the difference between the two data compression modes. In High-compression mode, users experience the site with more dynamic content and video playback. In Extreme-compression mode, users get a faster experience, but with scaled-down images and a simpler interface with less dynamic content.

Apart from the new modes, the new Opera Mini for Android also offers features like private-browsing mode, new improved UI, new scalable interface for bigger displays like tablets, options to customize the browser layout for more thumb-friendly surfing, a data counter that shows the data saved and consumed.

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