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OnePlus Power Bank Review : A thing of beauty is a power for ever
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OnePlus Power Bank Review : A thing of beauty is a power for ever

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  • A stylish and effective power bank to own

Power banks or portable chargers are in plenty but most incorporate a rather bland and boring design. OnePlus’s emergency charger breaks the monotony with its refreshing design. The 1000mAh battery pack is a style statement to compliment your Smartphone especially if you own a OnePlus.

The talking point and the deal clincher for OnePlus power bank is the design. It’s beautifully designed, slim and lightweight. It’s very obvious the OnePlus team has put its heart and effort in making the pack stylish, distinguishable in the similar line of their Smartphones. It’s no-brainer from where the aesthetic cue has been arrived, the OnePlus dna is all evident.




The Power bank is available in two colors – Sandstone black and Silk White, I have the white unit for the review. Both the power banks use the similar material that has been used on their Smartphone, so the Sandstone matte finish is very similar to the OnePlus version’s case and same goes with the body of the Silk white.  The body is polycarbonate unlike the ones’ from Xiaomi, Honor but it still has a premium look to it.

Weighing 222 grams, the OnePlus feels lighter on hand and though it is a bit longer it feels sleeker and lighter thanks to its smart designing.

Unlike the ‘soap-box’ type design that most portable chargers use, the OnePlus has an unique wedge-like design with smooth, rounded corners and tangos well with the Smartphone especially if you own an OnePlus.  There is also a metal rim around the edges to accentuate the design and visual language.


It comes with two full-size USB and one microUSB ports. You can charge two devices at the same time.  There are four battery indicator LEDs on the side. There are no buttons. The indicators turn blue when getting charged or charging another device.


So since there is no button whatsoever how to figure out how much battery juice is left in the pack? Simple. Just shake it and the LED’s light up to indicate. Neat and cool addition.


This is a 10,000 mAh battery and that takes a good 5 and half hours plus to charge fully. Though I would not recommend a overnight charging unless you sleep for less than 5 hours, since over-charging might erode the life of any powerbanks in the longer run.


Charging is automatic and instantaneous as you plug in the device. The device comes with a 5W input and two 5W outputs. The 2A output means, faster charging. Though do keep in mind, if you are charging two devices at the same time, the charge gets distributed and each devices gets charged at 1A.

During my usage, the OnePlus power bank gave a little mroe than 80% efficiency or I could strain out 8,500mAh out of the pack , which is good. Anything above 80% is good and OnePlus is good at it.

OnePlus says they have safety features to prevent overcharging and overheating. There is no pass-through charging but then at the price of Rs 1,399 its not fair to expect that either.

One gripe I had with the OnePlus power bank, I am not sure if it has automatic intelligent stop switch. When I tested with my Mi4 and LG G4 and when the devices were fully charged, the Power bank kept charging and it didn’t stop and thereby draining the powerbank’s battery till I physically removed the cable. Not sure, if it works with OnePlus smartphone.

To conclude, if am looking for a 10,000mah battery pack and if I have OnePlus stacked alongside some of the other power banks in market, I might pick the OnePlus why? Just for the beautiful design. It is one of the best looking Power-bank out there and why not own something that looks good too and perform well.

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