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Magnus Carlsen Chess App now available in Android
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Magnus Carlsen Chess App now available in Android

While the World Champion Magnus Carlsen is currently defending his title against former world champion, ‘Vishy’ Anand at Sochi, you can play against the Champion himself on your Android phone from his official, Play Magnus app.

The Chess App was first launched on iOS and is fast approaching 200,000 user base in more than 200 countries and now the Android version of the app is available for free.  The app is part of the Play Magnus, the official Magnus Carlsen branded products. The Chess App is the culmination of the Magnus Carlsen’s vision to inspire more people to play chess.

Kate Murphy, CEO at Play Magnus, says “Playing against Magnus on the Play Magnus app is like playing against him in real life,” “The app is tuned to play just like Magnus, at all age levels. The app “thinks” just like Magnus would at the various stages in his playing career,”.

The user can opt the ease of play against Carlsen by selecting his age level right from when started playing Chess at the age of 5 to difficult level at his current age. It also gives some interesting titbits about the Chess champion at various stage of his life.

The home screen of the app gives three options. To play against Carlsen, to know his life story, and also a section where you can get trained. The training section talks about the rules of chess, Carlsen’s two special rules or tips he used to his advantage during his formative years and opening moves.

The Android version of Play Magnus is similar to the iOS version but has few more additions like registering points earned, shared the games and also allowing to play the same game over again.

Check the Play Magnus App in Play Store HERE

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