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Kurio – Pamper your kid with this android tablet
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Kurio – Pamper your kid with this android tablet

A UK based company, Inspiration works has jumped into tablet race with its colorful kids version of Android tablet hoping to attract both adult parents and kids.

The tablet encased in an attractive removable rubberised case comes pre-loaded with parental controls to monitor and check your kid’s internet activities. The release version of the tablet would run on Android’s  very latest Ice Cream Sandwich (no mere kid’s toy it is). Ofcourse like any good android tablet, you can access the android app market but then parents can breath easy since the tablet comes with a dedicated app that allows them to control what content the kid can view and effectively placing a censor mechanism.

The tablet allows various customizable user interface that is sure to bring smiles on your kids face and if you fear your kid would spend too much time on the tablet, you can time-lock the profile so that your kid don’t spend too much of time on it. Though am sure kids would hate this option! You can also set upto eight profiles so if you have say two kids at home and you can time limit the tablet usage for each kid’s profile!

On the spec side, as mentioned earlier the tablet would run on freshly released Ice Cream Sandwich version of Google’s android OS.

It would be available with a built-in storage of 4 Gb and an optional expandable memory slot upto 32 Gb.

The company plans to ship it in three models of 7 inch, 8 inch and 1o inch to cater to various requriments and tastes.

Ofcourse you can’t expect a tablet running on latest Android OS to sport anything but capicitative display else it would be literally kidding!

The 7-inch model would have a  800×480 resolution while  the 8-inch adorns a 800 x 600 and the 9-inch 940 x 600 respectively.

While the 7-inch model would have to settle with a front camera the rest two models with come with both front and rear cameras.

As far battery, the company claims 6 hours of battery life.

The Kurio tablets are expected to be available in July sporting a tag of  £150, £180 and £200 respectively for the 3 models.

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