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Giveaway: Win a Microsoft Lumia 535 Smartphone #AchieveMore
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Giveaway: Win a Microsoft Lumia 535 Smartphone #AchieveMore

Time for a great giveaway and one of you could walk away with Microsoft Lumia 535. It’s  always  great to host a giveaway / contest and thanks to Lumia India for sponsoring this one.

Here is the format. It’s simple do of course. Beginning today, we will be asking total 5 questions with 1 question a day for the next 5 days. You have to answer all the questions or try giving your best shot, of course the questions are no rocket science either.  The person giving most correct answers will be declared the winner. Of course, we expect more of you to give the right answer so in that case one of the luckiest will be randomly picked the winner. You never know, it could be you too.

Please refer below for the rules and regulations.

Day 1 Question is listed at the end of the post.

About Lumia 535

Lumia 535 is the first-ever Lumia smartphone with the Microsoft branding. This mid-range smartphone comes with a 5-inch display, 5 MP wide-angle front camera, and 5 MP rear camera. Powered by a 1.2 Ghz quad-core processor, the device has a strong 1905 mAh replaceable battery and comes with in-built 8GB memory and signature Microsoft apps like:

MS Office Suite

Lumia 535 is pre-packed with MS Word, Excel, and PowerPoint to help users Achieve More productivity on-the-go.


Lumia 535provides amazing Skype experience on its 5 inch wide display. Users can enjoy a simulating video call experience through the 5 MP wide angle camera and connect with loved ones anytime, anywhere.


In addition to the in-built 8 GB storage, Lumia 535 comes with 30 GB of Free OneDrive storage. This makes it easy for users to share, view, and edit their documents on-the-go.


OneNote on Lumia 535 empowers users to take quick notes, store them on the cloud, and share them in real-time.

Lumia 535 is upgradable to Windows 10.

Contest rules:

    1. Each participant has to answer each question correctly. Answers must be posted in comments section below, please use correct email id so that we can contact the winner.
    2. All 5 questions need to be answered.
    3. Participants must follow @TechRaman and @LumiaIndia on twitter and TechRaman on Facebook and subscribe to our YouTube channel TechRaman TV
    4. One lucky winner will be selected at the end of the contest and winner announcement will take place on 2nd week of October
    5. This contest is open only to residents of India. Winner has to share a photo ID to claim the prize.


Sohail is a multinational Senior Executive who has to leave for Mumbai urgently due to some family issues. He doesn’t want his work to suffer. He has put together a presentation but he forgot to bring his laptop along. How will he manage to procure and complete his work before deadline with a Lumia 535?


Day 2 question is up > HERE

Day 3: Question

Day 3 question is up > HERE

Day 4: Question

Day 4 question is up > HERE

Day 5 Question

Day 5 question is up > HERE

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  1. sangeet pillai

    sohail can make use of ms office’ presentation/powerpoint feature in his lumia 535 to edit or modify his presentation.he can use onedrive to sync and save his presentation on cloud.with this he can do his owrk on the go and achieve more

  2. Shashank Rathod

    All he has to do is use his Office Mobile present on Lumia phones to complete his work. If he doesn’t have the file on the device then he can always download it from the cloud.

  3. Vali kunda

    Sohail forgot his laptop but he has free 30 of onedrive cloud storage.. He can manage to get them on his cloud.. And futher to complete his presentation he can use the office 365 or the office suite which will help him to complete his PowerPoint presentation.. And he can also manage his notes and statistical data with ms word and excel

  4. Manish

    All She Need to Do is Use MS Word, Power Point to Complete her Presentation with Lumia 535 which has Very Wide and Comfortable Display to use. After Complete She Can Use OneNote On Lumia 535 to Store All her Presentation Files and Share them On the Go.

  5. Manish

    All She Need to Do is Use MS Word, Power Point to Complete her Presentation with Lumia 535 which has Very Wide and Comfortable Display to use. After Complete She Can Use OneNote On Lumia 535 to Store All her Presentation Files On Cloud and Save & Share them On the Go.

  6. Chris G

    He can use the PowerPoint application in the MS Office suite to open and edit his presentation on The Lumia 535. Then he can save his work to the cloud using OneDrive to access later.

    I am not from India but I thoroughly enjoy your videos on YouTube, very informative. Keep up the great work.

  7. Haravind kumar

    MS Office Suite on Lumia 535 is the answer for Sohail. By using the MS Office suite on the Lumia 535 he can complete his presentation before the deadline he doesn’t need his laptop anymore as he can work on the go with the New Lumia 535. Not only that he can save n share his presentation on OneDrive which comes with 1GB Free storage with the new Lumia 535

  8. Akhilesh Dubba

    Sohail has to use MS Office Suite to present the presentation even his laptop is not there. It is easy to create or edit files in MS office suite with high precision and very useful in students and employers In daily life

  9. Deepen Ruprel

    With OneNote feature in his Lumia 535, Sohail can download his presentation from the cloud on his Lumia 535 and with help of MS Office Suite he can complete his presentation on his mobile itself.

  10. Rahul Bhandari

    Ans. 1) Sohail can use the MS Office feature of Lumia 535. He can complete his presentation with the help of MS PowerPoint on the go and submit it. He can also make changes to it whenever he wants.

  11. Shani mishra

    He can use the Microsoft Office because it is easy to use and it is also a unique benefit in Lumia smartphones. Microsoft office will make his boss & his family happy at a time.

  12. Keshav

    Sohail…should first of go to a shop n buy a Lumia 535.. 😉
    Next he can create his presentation using MSOffice on Lumia 535…..create supporting doc using Word…..upload all of it on One Drive…..share it with colleagues for review.
    By this he can achieve his targets n complete his work before deadline.

  13. Rakesh Kumar

    A1) no worries if Sohail forgot his laptop, with #Lumia535 #MSOffice Sohail can do everything! He use #MSOffice to his pending office work and save it on #OneDrive for later use, and manage their personal and professional work and #AchieveMore with #Lumia535

  14. Aman Khajanchi

    There are multiple ways by which he can complete his work prior to the deadline setting in:

    Scenario 1: If the presentation that he has prepared on his laptop is also saved on OneDrive
    He can access OneDrive from his Lumia 535, edit the same if required and share the same with his manager/colleague who can then present in front of the customer

    Scenario 2: If the presentation that he has prepared on his laptop is not saved on OneDrive
    It’s still no reason to panic as he can use the power of MS Office Suite (bundled free with Lumia 535) create another one and save it on OneDrive (comes with a whopping 30GB of free storage) which can then be accessed securely by people with whom he has shared it

  15. Pronab Biswas

    No problem with Microsoft lumia 535, it have oneDrive clouds service, he download and upload any file. he make or edit MS Word, Excel, Powerpoint, etc file with lumia 535.

  16. Onal Fernandes

    Sohail can store his work on One Drive that can be retrieved and shared easily while the One drive has inbulit edit option he still can opt for the MS Office suite in Lumia 535 too hence can #AchieveMore

  17. Gaurav Sharma

    simple he will use onedrive cloud storage to retrieve his presentation on #Lumia535 and can edit on Ms office.. work on the go

  18. Sathish Mechy

    He can complete his work with MS Office Suite which provides MS Word, Excel, and PowerPoint that helps him #AchieveMore and OneDrive will help to store, edit & share documents on the go

  19. Pankaj Kumar Singh

    Sohail will use Office app installed in his Lumia. He needs to tap the Office app and locate the file that he saved either on OneDrive or Office365. After downloading the file from OneDrive or Office365, he can open that presentation within Office app. To display the presentation using projector he can use “project my screen” under settings of his phone by connecting with usb or wireless.

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  21. Varun Kapadia

    He can either make a new presentation using the MS Office Suite or get the presentation uploaded on onedrive by someone else who has an access to his laptop, then he may download it on his phone from the drive.

  22. Saurabh

    Get that presentation from Microsoft Office 365 or OneDrive and start working on your presentation in Microsoft PowerPoint app pre-installed on your Lumia 535. Its that smooth. Simple!

  23. Nikhil

    Even if Sohail forget his laptop..he need not to be worry. if he is using windows 8.1 or 10 with same id both on phone and laptop then he can take backup on one drive as he get 30gb cloud storage….now what will happen that being same he can access same presentation on mobile and download it as well..then connect his phone projector and use the project my screen option in settings. Thus he can give presentation without using his laptop.

  24. Rohan Tamboli

    he can use outlook, office suit- (world, excel, power point), camera, doc scanner and more. Lumia have all, he need. he can manage by using lumia.

  25. Soham Chakraborty

    DAY 1 Answer – Sohail can use MS Office Suite which is pre-packed with MS Excel, and PowerPoint.
    Excel And PowerPoint provide huge platform for presentations.

  26. Varun Narula

    Sohail should upload his presentation to OneDrive. Then using his Lumia access the presentation and complete it using the in built MS Office (PowerPoint). When the presentation is completed, he should upload it again to OneDrive. Once back at his office, he can download the completed presentation and share it with his team mates/boss.

  27. zainul shaikh

    sohail bhai,
    tension not, kya huwa jo tum apna presentaion mumbai ch bhul gya hai,liptop (laptop) mai, lumia phones ki yahi ch to khas baat hai k usme phone mai office inbuit ata hai,
    Apne lumia 535 ka istemal karne
    ka aur raapchik presentation bana dalne ka.fir uslo one drive mai daal bhi sakta hai.
    Es lia go for microsoft lumia. Bole to kadak.

  28. nishchith

    He’s very lucky that he got lumia 535 he will do all his presentation in ONE NOTE using OFFICE, POWERPOINT and he’s gonna complete his job

  29. Anuj Poddar

    Day 1- Ans-Ms Power Point (Ms Office Suit)
    Well the problem with the Sohail is tough but having #Lumia535 can make the things fine for him If one has #Lumia535 then.Forgot the days when to make a presentation and all you need to open the laptop,pcs and complete the work ,with #Lumia535 Ms Power Point feature anyone can create the presentations anywhere ,Its not required to carry your laptops with you everytime you go anywhere ,henceforth in the above problem with Sohail it can solved as he can complete his work with the #MsOfficeSuit with offers you the power point that is very much essential for Sohail to complete his work before deadline and #AchieveMore with #Lumia535

    Thank you.. 🙂

  30. Pritam Bakshi

    #AchieveMore A1. She must carry his Lumia 535 Along with her as Inbuilt Office 365 is already pre-installed there!She will achieve her important works there using Microsoft office easily in a click

  31. ranju ms

    Sohail have to complete his presentation with the help of MS Office(PowerPoint) on the go and have to save it to cloud storage named OneDrive.

  32. Aditya Aggarwal

    Answer Day 1) Sohail should use OneDrive to procure the Presentation. He can then use MsOffice tools on his Lumia 535 to complete the Presentation.

  33. birju damani

    Day 1- Ans-Ms Power Point (Ms Office Suit) – Sohail would use built-in MS Office on the go through OneDrive to finish the presentation.

  34. Pinaki ranjan

    Day 1-
    Sohail have to complete his presentation with the help of MS Office(PowerPoint) on the go and have to save it to cloud storage named Google drive, he has Lumia 535 no problems , If he can some changes, updated , he can do and give great presentations.

  35. Rachit Jain

    Sohail can use MS Office available on Lumia 535 to create and edit his presentation and can procure it from One Drive anytime and hence he can #AchieveMore on the go.

  36. Harish kumar

    Please create power point files any device and sync your file on OneDrive then log in any device that you presentation give up

  37. Karan Parekh

    Sohail should make use of one drive
    And then using the Lumia535 MS office
    He could easily access the presentation and
    Get his work done:)

  38. joshua

    he should sync the lumia with onedrive and vola he will find it then he opens microsoft office and find his presentation there and he will present it by using project my screen option and will obtain sucess

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  40. mukesh prajapati

    Lumia 535 is pre-packed with MS Word, Excel, and PowerPoint to help users Achieve More productivity on-the-go.

  41. Preethi P

    Since you have mentioned that he has put together a presentation already, so I assume he has saved the same on the OneDrive cloud service from Microsoft, then he accesses or downloads the same presentation using Lumia 535’s built in Onedrive, if required edits it, completes his work and shares to his stake holders via Microsoft Outlook available in Office Suite on Lumia 535.

  42. Avinash Laghate

    Day 1 (Answer)
    Sohail can make use of MS office suite on his Lumia 535 and can use the Powerpoint feature on his phone to edit or modify his presentation. He can use OneDrive to sync and save his presentation on cloud. This way, his work would not suffer and with this he can do his work on the go and #AchieveMore in his career and also give ample time to his family!

  43. Shaharyaar

    #Day1 Ans. With sparkling OneNote feature in his #Lumia535, Sohail can easly download his presentation from the Cloud and with the quick help of MS OfficeSuite, he can complete his presentation on his smartphone itself.


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