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Funny and Cool Mobile Cases
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Funny and Cool Mobile Cases

You have a dashing phone but stuck with a plain regular mobile cases? May be y0u should check out these funny and cool looking mobile covers to get all the attention on you and your mobile. We have listed some weird, some funny and some cool mobile covers. So next time, you go shopping for mobile cases, dare to be bold. From a bottle opener to beer bottle to ice cream and milk shake and even few retro looking cases we have listed some cool and funny mobile cases.

So you plan to unwind your long day over a bottle of beer? Now you don’t have to look around for a bottle opener if you sport this mobile case that can double up as a bottle opener! Cool isn’t it?



Bottle Opener Phone Case for iPhone 3G/3GS – Free App with Purchase


Now don’t try the bottle opener over the beer bottle shown below, since it is not the real bottle but a mobile case.


If there is a beer bottle mobile case, you should have a beer glass too right?

Remember music used to come in cassette tapes? Now get nostalgic with the cassette tape look alike mobile case

Soft Cassette Tape Case for Apple iPhone 4 (Fits AT&T Model) – Purple


Yes there existed a time when phones looked like a brick! Now you can turn your iphone to look like a brick like retro phone with this mobile case.

80s Retro iPhone Case


When was the last time you made a call from a phone booth? So how about owning a phone booth mobile case instead.

Pack and keep your phone safe in this vintage wooden suitcase looking mobile case.

How about disguising your mobile into a retro camera?

Or its a camera? no its a phone.

Or how about turning your phone to a delicious sundae?

Ice cream or milk shake anyone?

Product list found from & Zazzle

Hope you agree those are some funny and cool looking mobile covers. Next we are ougoing to list out some weird mobile cases. Follow us and stay tuned.

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