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FedBook Selfie – Your new bank a/c is just a selfie away
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FedBook Selfie – Your new bank a/c is just a selfie away

For all my bank account openings earlier, I had walked into the bank branch, took the form, filled it, waited in queue and had opened the account. Most of us would have done it that way. Then, the technology invaded us and our phones got ‘smarter’. Our banking is now in our fingertips on the mobile display and it doesn’t stop just in the bank transaction, now you can even open a bank a/c from an app and submitting your picture by simply taking a selfie. Yes, our selfie obsession has a good justification now.

Federal bank has introduced an unique way to open a SB account via their mobile app, a first of its kind initiative in India. It’s a novel idea that is sure to find traction with the younger selfie-generation. So when my niece wanted to open a bank account, I told her about this Fed bank Selfie and she was excited to try it out.

So how do open a Federal bank a/c from your mobile? If you have an iPhone or any android Smartphone, download the FedBook, its e-Passbook App. The app was launched two years back and has seen good adoption rate by Federal bank customers. This app has now been updated for opening a new account too.

Once you download, the app it is just 6 simple steps away from opening your Federal bank account.

Fedbank-selfieThe steps are very simple and anyone with a Smartphone and the supporting document could easily open the account. Even the documents just needs to be clicked by your phone camera to upload.

In a matter few minutes, my niece was able to finish the account opening process. Then the app takes over the back-end processing of verifying your Aadhar and will open an account for you at the click of a button. Once you open an account, the app will turn into a digital passbook. Pretty neat, isn’t it?


Federal bank has leveraged the best of the technology and putting to good use the Aadhaar system and its a commendable achievement. Such initiative will definitely give a big momentum to the banking industry in a country like India where more people have Smartphones than bank accounts.


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