FedBook Selfie - Your new bank a/c is just a selfie away

For all my bank account openings earlier, I had walked into the bank branch, took the form, filled it, waited in queue and had opened the account. Most of us would have done it that way. Then, the technology invaded us and our phones got ‘smarter’. Our banking is now in our fingertips on the mobile display and it doesn’t stop just in the bank transaction, now you can even open a…
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Diablo 3 - review: A sequel worth the long wait!

Guest post by Joseph Eapen, an avid gamer since 1991 and a professional CG artist. Diablo III, the game that fans have been waiting for since the release of Diablo II about 12 years ago finally hits market. It’s one of the trump cards in a list of epic franchises owned by…