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Discover like minded people with Brigge App to social networking on your favourite activities
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Discover like minded people with Brigge App to social networking on your favourite activities

When I was a kid, like most kids of the 80’s children who were not preoccupied with playing Smartphones, I had a hobby of collecting coins both old and from different countries. It was tough to find like minded people and it took years of slow networking to find like minded hobbyists.  Later when I grew up and moved to Bangalore, again it was a challenge to meet people who share similar ideas. With the advent of social networking sites, it was much better. Events alerts popped out and we know what is cooking around you. Still most social networking sites are not designed to focus on events, Chennai based start up Brigge (pronounced ‘bridge’) wants to simplify the discovery of events and meet up like minded people.

Brigge is an open platform where anybody can create activities that others can discover and participate in. People have been getting together to go on photo walks, discuss organic farming, jam in the backyard, do social service, play spikeball, watch football matches together, and lots more. Brigge just makes it easier for like-minded people to connect.

The app is simple in concept but it achieves a bigger goal of connecting people. Like seriously getting the people from off the chair to meet them in real world, not just sit before the screen and chat. You love cooking? you meet someone who shares your passion for pasta, meet and stir the pan. You like someone to join in your marathon practice, it is now easy to find a running feet nearby you. Setting the bridge to meet is easy. You can browse various events or activities listed and start interacting with the members or make your own listing and meet people who would follow you on Brigge for the particular activity. You can create as many activities you want and engage with people, share your ideas, get them working in real world.

Brigge is already making a huge impact as more and more people are finding opportunities and company to engage in activities they always desired for. It is not hard to imagine that the app has a huge potential of bringing the Social back into our networks, as it is adopted widely.

So the next time you look at the chess board and see no one around you to play, you know where to find your playing partner.

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