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Corsair Vengeance K60 Review
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Corsair Vengeance K60 Review

Corsair has been popular for their power supplies, RAM, and cases but recently they have build an armory of gaming peripherals including keyboard, mouse and headsets that not only looks great but also are sturdy and good to use. What we have today at our review desk is Corsair Vengeance K60 gaming keyboard with its own unique charms like swappable key caps for frequently used gaming keys, and a left-hand wrist rest/keycap-storage bin.

For gaming buffs, its a serious arena and the right gaming gear makes a lot of difference to the gaming experience. Corsair K60 falls under the lower deck of the Corsair’s keyboard portfolio with K70 and K90 better upgrades. Still if you are a casual gamer you can look at K60 for performance gaming.

Design and build

The K60 is a looker though not very flamboyant like some of other gaming peripherals in the market including from the Corsair’s own range. Metal body wins over me and K60 has brushed aluminum deck plate and along with the two tone color-scheme it looks neat.

The K60 mixes two type of switches for the keys, while it uses Cherry MX Red mechanical switches which are a real-must for gaming keyboards due to their rapid actuation and light weighting are used for all the typing and numeric pad, the lesser used function keys uses the cheaper silicone dome switches.


The keys are nicely spaced and the Cherry MX Red mechanical switches are joy to tap.


On the top right corner there are media controls like buttons for stop, play/pause, forward and back search, as well as a rolling volume control and mute button. There is also a windows lock key for interference free gaming.


A good, sturdy cable is a a must for a good gaming keyboard. K60 uses a durable braided USB cable. It has two USB connections and the braided covers prevents chord tangling and can withstand much of wear and tear for longer life.


A unique addition to the K60 is a detachable left hand wrist rest which also combines as a little stowaway place to keep the switchable key caps and a handy key removable tool. The keyboard out of the package comes with all black keys but you also get 1-6 and WASD bright red swappable caps for easy identification and navigation while in gaming. The swappable caps are also textured for comfort. The wrist rest is very ergonomic. Even the space bar has a texture on it and these minute detailing comes handy during game play.

k60_d_pad_eu_r_2With ‘anti-ghosting’ on works, the keyboard allows you to press any number of keys simultaneously something that only a serious gamer appreciates. Imagine a situation in battlefield where you have to run diagonally as well as keep firing your gun at opponents!

Corsair Vengeance K60 is a good gaming keyboard for starters but it lacks the back-light and programmable keys which many serious gamers would look forward to. For that, you can look at K90 in the series but if you are looking for a started gaming keyboard, K60 is a good choice.

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