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With this App you can go cashless at restaurants and split the bills with your friends too
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With this App you can go cashless at restaurants and split the bills with your friends too

Here is an app that wants you to go light on your purse, literally. You can leave your wallet at home, just carry your mobile to the restaurant, enjoy your food and make payment from via the phone.

You are going out to eat with your friends and when its time to make the payment, either you pool in the money by cash or one pays by card and then later you split the bills. Phew! And you know its a hard task either-ways.

After couple of pegs and when the bill finally arrives you tend to feel you are over-billed for pegs you never had? The small scribbles of the order you made on the tissues gets messy at the end.

You are hesitant to handover your card to the server for making the payment?

A Bangalore based startup,  Noroc Solutions Pvt. Ltd. wants to make your life easier atleast when you go out for food or drink. Keeping in mind the common scenarios like some that we listed above, they have come up with an app, Binge, available both for Android and iPone, focused on the food and beverage industry to make it cashless plus with many add-on features.

Once you install the app, you can see the list of restaurants and pubs that supports this app in their transactions. Currently, the app is restricted to Bangalore but it will be just a matter of time it will be scaled up to cover other cities. When you are at one of the listed places, you can share your Binge id with the server. All the orders you make gets linked to your Binge id and you get real-time notifications as and when you make new orders. (So you know when you ordered that drink!)

So how do you pay? In your Binge app you can store up to 4 card details including credit card and debit cards. The card details are encrypted with in the Binge app and the information stored using the information is stored using “Tokenisation”, an advanced security standard. The payment process is similar to the online transactions, the app takes you directly to the payment gateway of the bank via encrypted passway and when completed it returns to the app with the confirmation message. At the same time, the system at the restaurant also gets confirmed of the payment and you can walk away.

The app also allows you to split the bills with up to four of your friends, by default it splits the bill equally but it also allows for editing the amount. You can also add tip to the server. It also comes handy at situation where you are at an restaurant and you realize you ran out of steam at your card balance or it throws some error, you can simply call a friend and ask them to complete the bill from their end wherever they are provided they too have the app in their phone.

 Even though it is early days for the startup, they have tied with over 25 joints in Bangalore including Loveshack,

Skyye, Toscano, Sanchos, Sinkong, Opus, Blimey, Bootlegger etc. Binge plans to enter Delhi and Mumbai by May and cover over a 1000 restaurants in Bangalore by the end of 2015.

This is one app that sounds appetizing right? Go Binge.

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