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Avaamo marries consumer messaging experience with enterprise needs for the mobile-first market
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Avaamo marries consumer messaging experience with enterprise needs for the mobile-first market

It’s quiet strange while consumer messaging apps have become a part of our life by now, corporates are terrible at communication and there is a gap to be filled to take business communication to the next level and to the mobile-first workforce.

While we are all trigger happy texting on the likes of WhatsApp, WeChat etc, the IT team of any reputable companies would fret using these consumer apps for business use. Enter Avaamo, a brainchild of former TIBCO execs Ram Menon and Sriram Chakravarthy who wants to ‘consumerise the enterprise messaging’ by building a business-grade messaging app with a face of consumer UI but with all the bells and whistles any serious enterprise would want to have in their backroom.

For starters, Avaamo is a free app that you can download from play store or iTunes. It works well as any other messaging apps with an interface you are familiar with and ability to chat with users in your contact list. The real might (and the business model) though comes from the enterprise side of the app. When an enterprise uses the Avaamo, they get a full-fledged dashboard that can be integrated with the company’s records and gives the admin to include the users, create targeted groups, broadcast message in short it provides  granular control on users, data, security and access. 

All messages are sent cocooned in enterprise-level encryption, and users can even move their conversations to an ephemeral “off-the-record” mode that has messages disappear after a short period of time. The company contacts and personal contacts stay in separate secured tabs. When an employee or user is terminated, it is easy for the company to ensure no longer they are in the official communication channel and also wipe off all the previously shared documents with the user.

Avaamo has a huge potential for the companies to engage in particular with the mobile-first workforce whose only usual connectivity will be through the smartphones.

In markets like India where the network connectivity can be erratic, there is an auto-send/offline mode where you can fire-and-forget even if there is no connection. Whenever the connection is established, the app fires the message automatically.

For the quirky side, Avaamo also comes with emojis to bring a dash of fun and flavour to lighten up the corporate moods.

With a vast mobile-first workforce in India, it is not surprising that Avaamo has ambitious plans for India and considers it a primary market.  According to the company, it has 19 paid customers already enlisted, of which 10 are Indian firms including a leading real-estate company. Avaamo also says that there are over 1000 companies in India who have evinced interest.

“India’s evolving mobile first workforce need a secure private communications platform that is instant and delivers on company requirements of security, governance and administration. Avaamo’s mission is to deliver a messaging platform that improves the productivity of today’s mobile workforce and at the same time addresses unique needs of Indian enterprises and Indian Mobile market conditions.” says Ram Menon, Founder and CEO of Avaamo.

It’s easy and exciting day for the start-up who raised around $6.3 million in seed funding in 2014. We will keep them in our radar and up date you in future.



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