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Antec C20 CPU Cooler
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Antec C20 CPU Cooler

When Antec send me its C20 model CPU cooler for review, I was bit hesitant. At TechRaman, we love fiddling and testing out gadgets be it mobile devices, audio devices or any personal gadgets but when it come to hardware it is a different planet. It requires a whole gamut of testing software and equipments and frankly we are not equipped with it at this stage. Though we do not rule it out in future, since I am addicted to everything technology, its a long call right now. So what do we do with the Antec C20 CPU cooler at our disposal? We can’t resist opening the package either. Then we thought what the heck, we might have some readers who might not be aware of the Antec product and might be assembling computers now or later. So why not atleast showcase the product to them? Agree? So go ahead check out what the Antec C20 CPU cooler is all about.

There are so many cooling components products in the market, last time when I assembled my computer I am not sure if I even seriously took note of it but went by the words of the guy who manned the store. But for serious geeks out there, good cooling performance and low-noise levels are a big factor.

The C20 box is nondescript unlike the Antec A20 that comes in an attractive packaging with cartoon print on it.

Antec-C20-CPU-coolerOpen the box and you find the heat sink, Antec fan and accompanying nuts and bolts to put them together.


Antec C20 cooler is a 115mm tall thermal solution built around 6mm diameter two heatpipes and featuring one  80 x80 x25mm Antec fan.


Antec’s C20 heatsink stands 115mm tall and has a footprint of 66x86mm in the single fan configuration. There is a provision to add a second fan, that will bump the size. Weighing 350 grams, Antec C20 is feather weight in cooling department. The heatsink has a copper base and features nickel fins. There are two 6mm heat pipes.

Antec-C20-CPU-fan-holdersAntec uses rubber grommets to keep the fans in place which reduces vibrations. The fans works on liquid state spindle bearing. The PWM fan has a 80x80x25mm dimension and rotates on  800 – 2200RPM and makes between 10-25 dba noise. The heatsink can be either used with one fan on either side or two fans can be added to the heatsink for a push-pull configuration.


Antec C20 heatsink is compatible with Intel sockets LGA 1366/1155/1156/775 and AMD sockets FM1/AM2/AM2+/AM3.

To ensure good thermal conductivity, the  heatpipe, base and nickel fins are seamlessly joined to decrease the thermal joint resistance between the fins and heatpipes and heatpipes and base.

Antec C20 comes with a sticker price of Rs 1850 but can be availed for around Rs 1500 in market.

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    Dear Sir,

    My name is prashant, before writing on your web page i had already ordered for my Antec ” C40 ” but, now still it’s not too late to cancel this product for me but before making any decision i want you review on C40. please reply., i am waiting.

    Prashant Biswas


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