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Antec 3X Cleaner Spray – Review
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Antec 3X Cleaner Spray – Review

Yes. You read it right. This is a review of a cleaning solution product. Heck! When we are in the business of reviewing, it does do good for our grey cells doing odd reviews like this. Who says life is boring.

Many might think distilled water or white vinegar is enough to clean the monitors, laptops, tablets,  smartphones, gaming devices or any LCD, TFT screens one might have. But hey! won’t it be nice if we put in a little more care and thought into it?

Antec Inc, the American-based maker of computer components and accessories has a cleaning solution to offer – Antec 3X strength cleaner spray. 3X strength is just a branding name and so don’t bother if its 3x more effective of something. (My friend did irritate me by asking  3X questions over the 3X in the name! Argh!)


The package includes:

  • 240 ml spray bottle
  • 60 ml spray bottle
  • Microfiber cloth (30 cm x 30 cm)


The small spray bottle comes handy while traveling or you just have to fit into your bag when you on the move. You never know when you would get your smartphone or tablet oil fudged during your food indulgence! Hey you can also sneak it into your personal bag and not expose it to your that miser colleague or friend who thinks your stuff is his stuff for granted.

Key features of Antec 3x clear spray

  • Anti-bacterial. I am no scientist nor do I own a microscope to put my screen under it but if Antec has to be believed it says the spray kills 99.9% of bascteria for over 24 hours. It also validates its claims by mentioning that it passes SGS testing by killing 99.9% of staphylococcus aureus and Escherichia coli bacteria. I have never been a bright student of science, so I leave it to you to do the bacterial study.
  • Unique non-drip formula
  • Anti-static
  • Alcohol and ammonia-free

Usage experience

So if you ask me what was the life-changing or eye-popping experience having used the 3X clean spray on my screens? My answer nothing. It worked the way it should. It cleaned my screen neat. I was assured that I would not smear my hands with bacterial pad. Nor expose myself to alcohol or ammonia. The screen was bit finger print resistant but then hey even antec says its resistance not complete finger-print proof. So you do get the finger prints after quiet a usage but then if it is very annoying just dig into you bag,  pull out the spay, clean. You are good with your screen again.

So that’s it, my review of  Antec 3x cleaner spray, hope I came clean with my review.

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  1. Ravi

    I got a 46 inch LED TV at home, and i had to clearn it once every week. earlier i used to clearn with water,but often leave marks on it. after using the 3X cleaner, it helped clean my TV much better.


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