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Android 4.1.2 Jelly Bean Premium suite update for Samsung Galaxy S3 – review
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Android 4.1.2 Jelly Bean Premium suite update for Samsung Galaxy S3 – review

Samsung is rolling out Android 4.1.2 Jelly Bean update with  ‘premium suite’ features to Galaxy S III and depending on your region, carrier you might or might not have yet received the updates but definitely all the Galaxy S3 devices will get these updates.

The updates brings a host of new features to the device which was earlier bundled in the Galaxy II N7100. So except for few features that take advantage of the S-Pen in Note 2, you get the rest of the premium features now in Galaxy S3.

So first let me list out the main new features, before I go in-depth.

  • Multi-window , multi-tasking
  • Page buddy
  • Gallery app – gets updated
  • Notification panel is now customizable
  • Lock screen – information sticker
  • Contextual tagging
  • Camera app updates
  • Smart rotation
  • Easy screen mode
  • Paper artist
  • Keyboard updates

Now let’s see in detail the new features that has freshly arrived for Galaxy S3.

Multi window:

One of the main features now baked into Galaxy S3 after the Android 4.1.2 update is the ability to multitask by opening two apps at same time on your screen. For eg. you can browse or message while you watch a movie.

How do you enable the multi-window? Simple  You long-press the back-key and a vertical pane will appear on the right side of the screen. From there, you can drag the apps to the home screen and open multi-windows and keep yourselves busy on the screen.

P.S. . Make sure, the multi-window option on the notification panel is turned on. You also find that option on the display setting.



Page buddy

This feature is based on the contextual awareness. For e.g, when you plug-in the earphone, your device would automatically open up the music player page for easy access. Currently, the page buddy contextual awareness works for earphones, docking page and roaming page.

To enable go to Settings > Display > page buddy


Gallery App gets updated

Goodbye to the boring gallery view option. After the update you get few additional cool option to browse your gallery.


Customized notification panel

This is yet another option I really like. Now, the notification panel on the top can be customized. You can rearrange the icons, remove the unwanted icons and keep it less crowded. Well, you can fiddle / play with the notification panel now.

To customize go to Settings > Display > Notification panel


 Lock screen Information sticker

This feature should bring smiles to the Facebook addicts and stock market bulls out there. By enabling this feature, you can access your facebook updates, news or stock as a ticker on your lock screen. So without having to unlock the screen, you can keep a tab on the happenings. Cool isn’t it?

To enable go to Settings > Lock screen options > Information ticker


Contextual tagging

With contextual tagging on, you can add the weather info, date and place instantly to the picture. So when you open the pictures anytime, you know along with the date, the place and the weather status at that time.

To enable contextual tagging go to Camera > Settings > Contextual filename


Camera App updates

Camera app gets new updates that was seen in Note 2.

  1. Best face –  This feature allows the camera to take five consecutive pictures, so that if anybody in the group photo session blinks, there will be five frames to choose the perfect camera shot. So no more complaints from your friend who blinked or winked. Refer the video that demonstrates best face feature in Galaxy Note 2.
  2. Low light shot – Thanks to new updates, expect better results in low light even with flash off.
  3. Easy snap  With this update your Galaxy S3 can ‘talk back’ to you and say how many faces are seen in the camera preview by ‘face detection’ feature.

P.S > The video demos the best face feature on Galaxy Note 2, the same feature now is available on Galaxy S3

Smart rotation

This might save the unnecessary auto-rotation during some of the awkward or gymnastic body movements! Trust me, we do come across certain times when we don’t want the screen to rotate. Now with smart rotation, the screen display adjusts to your angle of sightings.

Again to enable go to Settings > Display > Smart rotation


 Paper Artist App

Now you don’t need to envy your friend with Galaxy Note 2 using the paper artist app to give artistic, fun touch to the pics and uploading it to facebook, instagram etc. Paper artist app finds its way to Galaxy S3 after this update.

 Keyboard updates

Typing gets better with continues Input in Samsung Keyboard which is much improved than the existing input mode – more intuitive, accurate and faster.

Overall  the Android 4.1.2 update along with the premium suite feature for Galaxy S3 brings in some great features and also makes the smartphone more refined, smoother and more premium. So check for software update on your phone, if the updates has been pushed in your phone, don’t wait to download and install it.

Enjoy the extra awesomeness!

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  1. Nasir jamal

    This is like getting upate only jelly bean ..but when will ginger bread will get a update and new function to use ….basically its more than three year while 2.2 os launched but there is no process to it…

    1. Raj

      actually the versions of android are like this:



      So, after releasing the final update of Froyo, new version (Gingerbread) was released and work on Froyo stopped. You cannot get new features in Froyo now. You can get newer features only if your phone could be upgraded to a newer version like Gingerbread or Jelly Bean. Now the version being worked upon is:

      Jelly Bean:

  2. Nisanth K Purushothaman

    After the new updation, my S3 battery is not getting charged. It takes almost 15 hours for the battery to fully charged. Can any one suggest a solution..


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