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5 Yoga Apps for Windows Phone Users to keep you fit and healthy
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5 Yoga Apps for Windows Phone Users to keep you fit and healthy

With 21st June being celebrated as the  International Yoga day, the practitioners and enthusiasts across the world and especially in India are preparing for the inaugural year to celebrate, India’s biggest cultural export to world, a 5,000-year-old physical, mental and spiritual practice that can keep you fit and healthy.

For those who want to practice and take note of various Yoga asanas or postures, there are various apps available on Smartphones to aid you. Though, it is is always best and adviceable to practice Yoga under a qualified teacher, the apps can come as a reference. Here we list 5 yoga apps for Windows Phone.

Yoga [Free]


This App has a 10 minute, 30 minute and a 60 minute Yoga workout and also guides you to Pranayam (breathing technique)

WP Store

Yogasanas [Free]


This app has been designed with WP in mind, allowing user to pin to the home screen their favourite yoga postures. Apart from the various Yogasanas, one can also browse the mix radio and select the relaxing music to play along when you do Yoga. Also for stressed out conditions, a speech recognition game is available to add a bit of fun.

Baba Ramdev Yoga [Free]

baba ramdev yoga

The name synonymous with contemporary Yoga. This app lists videos of Baba Ramdev’s yoga teachings. It includes Pranayam, various aasanas and special yoga postures to reduce fat and yogic exercises beneficial for various ailments.

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Facial Yoga [Free]

facial yoga

This one sounds interesting.

The app offers simple facial yogic exercises to work out your facial muscles to give you a younger look. It includes more tha 85 exercises to tone up muscles of face and neck.

WP Store

Pregnancy care (Prenatal yoga) [Free]

Prenatal yoga

Certain yoga exercises can enhance your well-being during pregnancy period for both mother and the child. The app lists comprehensive app for prenatal yoga, fitness, relaxation and care. Prenatal Yoga is a great way to prepare you for birthing process as well as enjoy pregnancy term. It is advisable, to refer to your doctor before engaging in any sort of exercises during pregnancy period.

WP Store

Windows Phone store also includes more yoga apps that you can browse through. So stay smart, work out smart, stay healthy, let’s pledge to gift ourselves a healthy lifestyle this International Yoga Day.



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