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15 features of LG G2 worth talking about
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15 features of LG G2 worth talking about

Finally LG G2 made it’s grand debut yesterday. The latest flagship device from the Korean company smacks high-end specs and over-the-top features. With cut-throat competition on the top rung of the premium smartphone devices and with every flagship devices of the rivals packing their devices with impressive features, LG has make sure it’s flagship device has in it many innovative features that people would talk about. After all it’s no easy means to grab a pie from the feature laden Samsung Galaxy S4 or brilliantly crafted HTC One.

Here we list 15 features of LG G2 worth talking about and mentioning.

Rear key – where are the side buttons?

In an innovative design approach, LG places both the power and volume button on the rear of the phone below the camera lens. The sides are clear of any keys.

LG rear key button


So the power key is behind and your LG G2 is placed on a table. You don’t want to lift the phone but want to bring the screen to life. What you do? Simply tap the phone screen twice and it springs to life. Similarly to lock, just tap twice again.


Guest Mode

So how many times you would have fret when you handover your phone to others? Guest mode in LG G2 comes to your rescue. You can choose to display only pre-selected apps and protect your privacy when guests access the phone and secure it with a secondary unlock pattern.

LG G2 Guest Mode

Answer Me

This features reminds of the good old wired telephone. Answer Me automatically answers call when you lift the phone to your ear. Not just that, it automatically lowers the ring volume of an incoming call by sensing the picking movement of the phone. Cool ain’t it?

LG G2 Answer Me

Slide Aside

So you got few apps you access quiet often? Slide Aside is like a secondary multitasking tray in addition to QSlide. A three-finger swipe movement gets you quick access to your favourite apps. Swipe from right to left to store up to three apps off to the side of the screen and swipe left to right for accessing the favorite apps.


Capture Plus

Often when you take screen shot you find the screen space a limitation disallowing for a full web page or image screen shot. Capture plus lets you take screen shot of entire web page precisely. It is a easy way to save articles and documents for later reading or printing.

Clip Tray

A feature that allows you to save data like pictures, text and links for later reference and use and more importantly it allows to dump detailed data such as address and contact information into e-mails and texts.  The clipped datas gets stored as multiple items in a slide-up clipboard at the bottom of the display as a rich visual information collage.

Text Link

An interesting addition where the device picks relevant text from you inbox text messages and inserts embeddable links to them in other apps like calendar, web search, Google map.

Studio-quality audio

LG G2 takes the credit to be the first smartphone to feature 24-bit, 192 kHz Hi-Fi playback for FLAC and WAV files that reproduces studio-like quality sound recording and playback. It also features multi-mic recording with advanced noise cancellation.

Audio Zoom

How about focusing on one specific audio source while recording? Audio zoom lets you do it while recording a video. When you playkback the recorded video, the particular audio source would have been amplified for better hearing. The surrounding noise would be faded out in comparison.


Zoom to Track

Yet another zoom function in LG G2, Zoom to track lets you selectively zoom in on a subject in a video during playback. You can use this video functionality on the G2 to auto track your subject and keep it in focus within the frame at all times—no matter how the phone or subject move.

LG G2 Zoom to track


 Customize the app icons and buttons

Bored of the default app icon? LG G2 allows youn to change the icons for any app to anything you like to. How about changing the on-screen navigation buttons? Yes, LG G2 even allows you to change the order of the button placement or if you want you can insert a fourth key to the row.

Wafer-thin bezel

Wonder how LG was able to make the new G2’s side bezel so thin? The answer lies with it’s innovative Dual Routing technology that reduces the phone’s bezel to a mere 2.65mm on the side edge.


Quick Remote

LG claims it’s Quick Remote app learns to recognize any gadget even if it is not listed in it’s menu and merges it to it’s remote app via an IR blaster on the top edge.  Not sure how good the claim is but then it is there for you and me to try on our one-of-a-kind gadgets.

Graphic RAM

An interesting feature of the G2 is the Graphic RAM (GRAM) technology, which supposedly reduces the energy use of the panel by an impressive 26 percent on a still, and extends overall phone usage time by up to 10 percent.

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