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10 best features of Samsung Galaxy S4
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10 best features of Samsung Galaxy S4

The wait is over and Samsung Galaxy S4 begins its global roll out shortly . The real charm of Samsung Galaxy S4 apart from its brilliant 5″ display and hardware internals is on awesome software features Sammy has packed in. We have listed down 10 best features of Samsung Galaxy S4 that you would love in this flagship smartphone and make it a life companion.

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10 best features of Samsung Galaxy S4

Double Shot: With dual shot mode on, you can record dual shot videos or dual shot pictures. When you have two cameras in your smartphone why should you be always hidden when you take a snap or video? Samsung wants to bring you too on limelight and so Galaxy S4 comes with double shot mode. Taking advantage of the front and rear cameras, it brings both the cameras into the picture or video and a feature everyone would love.

Sound & Shot: Why should pictures me a silent witness of your memories? With Galaxy S4 you can add noise snippets to snaps, you can listen to  your child’s laughter during the snap, listen to the waves which you shot during your last vacation etc. A picture speaks a thousand words and with Galaxy S4 it literally does.

Drama Shot and Eraser Shot: This let’s you take a series of pictures and stitch them together to bring the detailed action in a single frame. Argh, did someone photo-bomb in between your frame or do you want to remove a particular nasty unwanted background that sprang up suddenly? With eraser mode, you can just as the name suggests well, erase it.

Story Album: Tired of sorting your buckets of pictures by date order? Leave it to Galaxy S4 now to storify your events based on locations or events and organize it for you to go through your memory banks.

Group Play: This feature makes good use of NFC and allows you to connect multiple mobile devices to share /play music, videos, games together. So what you see or play in one device is shared with the rest. Next time when you are with your band of friends, you can group play music across your friends devices and make one big surround boom box!

S-Translator: This feature might come handy for travellers. It provides for real-time translation and translates what you say, text and will even convert emails, SMS messages and ChatON IMs that is fully or containing sentences in language you don’t speak. Well, to begin with it provides translation for 9 different languages.

Smart Pause & Smart scroll: Next time when your friend diverts your attention while you are catching a video on your Galaxy S4, with Smart Pause turned on your phone, the camera tracks your eye movements and smart pauses the video as you look away and resume playing when you turn back to screen. Cool ain’t it? It also saves your screen from getting fingermarks. With Smart Scroll feature on, again the camera tracks your eye and you can scroll emails or websites just with your eyes.

Air View / Air Gesture: With these features on, I feel part of a Sci-Fi story and I’m loving it. It powers you t0 flip through web pages, photos, answer calls or scroll through music by simply hovering your finger over the screen. IT also keeps the screen clean from fingermarks.

WatchON: Ditch the remote. Samsung has included  a IR blaster in Galaxy S4 which allows you to control your TV and can do more than just changing channels or controlling the sound. It can also suggest programs based on your preference, provide schedules etc.

S-Health: Samsung says Galaxy S4 would be a life companion. A good companion would take care of your health, agree? So sammy has packed a S-Health app that makes good use of some new sensors that finds its way into Galaxy S4 and also aided by cool accessories. Doubling as a health trainer, the S health app S Health app monitors how much you’ve walked, calories you’ve burned and what your daily intake. Additionally, the S health app is made more convenient  by accessories like S-band etc.

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