The Good old Idiot Box turning geeky smart!

Listen, See and Do. Yes, you read it right.  And their key areas of focus are going to be: smart interaction, smart content and smart evolution. 


Boo-Keun Yoon, president of Samsung’s consumer electronics division says that their 2012 Smart TV models will be armed with an integrated camera and microphone so your TV can “listen, see and do” So what the implications could be for couch potatoes? Though Samsung has not let out much information about it, you can safely run your imagination wild. Ditch the remote.  You might be able to control your TV by voice or hand gestures. How about video conferencing on a giant screen? Let’s stretch the imagination further. Facial recognition and listing out our favourite channels /apps based on our history and preference? Whoa! And then Samsung is also pushing hard to develop its Apps market for Smart TV.  Already, its smart TV app store offers an enviable 1400 apps and is on pace to hit 20 million downloads this month. , a commendable number considering how nascent the market is.  Unlike mobiles, TV is not something a customer would exchange the product every now and then, so to future proof the model, Samsung plans to have the hardware upgradable. And if Samsung has its own ambitious futuristic plans, others are not behind.

LG-CES-Smart-TVAt CES, LG flaunted its “magic remote”, with just 5 buttons, the Magic Motion remote is easy to use, with intuitive point-and-click control.  Sounds fun?  So to choose a particular app or click on a button, you just got to point at it and select.  Remember the laser gun toy, you played with?

Sharp-Smart-TVGood bye messy cables. With Sharp’s Aquos Freestyle flat-screen TV allows you to run around home  without worrying about messy cables, since they work on mainly on Wi-Fi and can receive wireless HD signals from up to 98 feet away and comes with a built-in battery pack.  And yes, they are extremely lighter too for you to hop around.

And then you have media giants like Sony who boasts a vast library of music, movies and games to die for. So you can expect Sony contemplating in a Zen mode how to awe you by streaming its media awesomeness right into your couch on demand. So now you might agree that the idiot box is finally coming of age and smarting up. These are just teaser picture baki hai mere dost Be ready to get  spoiled by smartness and of course keep an eye on your savings.]]>

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