Differences between Moto 360 and Moto 360 Sport exlplained

While the Moto 360 Sport got a $100 price cut in US yesterday and can be purchased for $200 now, it’s launched in India at Rs 19,999. In case you are confused between the Moto 360 and the Sport edition, we cover the differences between both the devices to help you choose the right one.


The Moto 360 is perfect work wear with a traditional watch design thanks to the choice of metal and leather straps. The Moto 360 Sport as the name implies is aimed at the fitness freaks and flaunts a sportier look, the watch is strapped in a silicone strap.

Band replacement

The Moto 360 bands are replaceable which means in case of wear and tear you can simply change the straps and keep using the watch. You can also shuffle the look of the watch by changing the bands. Sadly this is not the case with the Moto 360 Sport. While Motorola might like to assure the silicone strap might not snap but in case of any wear and tear it is non-replaceable and you might end up looking at buying a new Smartwatch. Ouch!


Moto 360 ships in two different sizes. The bigger (46 mm) model and smaller (42 mm) while the Moto 360 Sport has only the 42 mm standard unisex model.


The Moto 360 uses a IPS LCD display while the Moto 360 Sports features a hybrid display what the company calls as “AnyLight Hybrid Display” which works as normal LCD indoors and at outdoors uses ambient light to illuminate itself offering a better sunlight readability.


The Moto 360 Sports has a built-in GPS which means when you are running / jogging or hiking it is not at the mercy of the phone’s GPS and can do location tracking and route mapping on its own. So you can keep the phone at home and peacefully do your fitness activities, which is not possible with the Moto 360. So which one would you choose? Let us know.  ]]>

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