Corsair Air series AF120, AF140, SP120 Quiet Edition Fans

Corsair are not new at making coolers for computer CPUs. Earlier they had to their credit the hydro series coolers that came with corsair fans but the problem with the hydro series fans were it was bit noisy affair. With the Air Series AF Quiet edition, the company tries to make amends. The Air Series AF Quiet edition is available in following types Air Series AF120 Quiet edition High Air…
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Samsung Galaxy Chat B5330 - review

Not everyone are comfortable with touchscreen typing. Even though touchscreen are the present and future, there are still many like my wife who would love typing on the good old physical QWERTY keypad.  It gets challenging when you like Android ecosystem but still would…

Diablo 3 - review: A sequel worth the long wait!

Guest post by Joseph Eapen, an avid gamer since 1991 and a professional CG artist. Diablo III, the game that fans have been waiting for since the release of Diablo II about 12 years ago finally hits market. It’s one of the trump cards in a list of epic franchises owned by Blizzard Entertainment. Personally I had never played Diablo 2 until I heard about Diablo 3 and the sheer number of my…
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