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Samsung Galaxy Note II Launched in India, Priced at Rs. 39,900
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Samsung Galaxy Note II Launched in India, Priced at Rs. 39,900

India is one of the earliest market to get its hands on the second generation Note device, Samsung Galaxy Note II N7100. The smartphone-tablet hybrid or phablet as the segment is popularly called now was launched in a press meet at Hyderabad on 27th of September, the very next day after Samsung kick started the global rollout by launching first in Korea the previous day.

If you might recall, Galaxy Note 2 was recently unveiled in IFA, Berlin. The device is an upgrade to the first Note launched a year back which went on to net a 10 million sales across the world. Samsung expects to sell the new Galaxy Note II to sell much more than the first device. We were there on the launch event and had a good hands-on time with the device and came out mighty impressed. Galaxy Note II is an interesting upgrade and now sports lot many unique features. Of Course we will come up with a detailed review of the device very soon.

Speaking at the launch BD Park, President & CEO, South West Asia, Samsung Electronics stated

‘By delivering a complete mobile experience for creating content and by introducing new products and continous enhancements to the Note category of devices, Samsung provides a unique user experience that goes beyond passive content consumption to a new world of productivity, active creation and personalized communications

Along with BD Park, Azim Warzi, VP Samsing India and the celebrity guest of the event Imitiaz Ali, acclaimed Bollywood director officially launched the Galaxy Note II in India.

Azim Warsi explained the key features of the Samsung Galaxy Note II, which we will cover in detail very soon for our readers.

Key features of Samsung Galaxy Note II

  • Upgraded S-Pen – there is a notable enhancement to S-Pen, which does more stuffs now. It also sports an S-button for better functionality.
  • AirView – This is one remarkable upgrade in Galaxy Note II, which remains of our top pick of the new add-on enhancements to the new device. AirView enables users to hover the S-Pen over image gallery, video gallery, emails, S-Planner without even touching the screen and preview the contents. It saves time, gives quick access to search and view informations without having to get into multiple tabs or screens.
  • Easy Clip – Just press the new S-button in the S-Pen and the S-Pen understands that  you want to clip or edit the selected content on the screen. The Easy Clip feature allows you to instantly outline and crop any content on the screen in any shape to save, share or paste, even from a browser. The cropped image can be edited through coloring, sharing, or add handwritten annotations and not just that it is mighty easy to share the clip with your friends.
  • Popup Note – Galaxy S3 flaunted Popup Play video and now Note 2, shows off its Popup Note capabilities along with the Popup video play. Similarly, here the S-Note can be popped up anywhere in the screen and pinch zoomed to any size alongside watching video or smsing or any other activity you do on screen.
  • Quick command – This is one interesting feature. It lets users quickly activate frequently used apps with S-Pen. The command pad appears when a user just swipes upward on the screen with the S-Pen button pressed. Here you can pre-define set of commands or customize the commands for quick and easy access. Say you can draw a simple ‘O’ to open camera and more..
  • Best Face feature – Another cool enhancemnt this time to camera. When you click pics with best face feature mode on and when you preview the image, it offers you 4-5 alternate facial expressions it had captured while shooting and you can simply ‘swap’ the expression to the face. So in a group shot, if one person had blinked his eyes, it offers few other facial expression of his and you just click the one you liked and it gets swaped on the image. How cool isn’t it?

Well, we spend quiet a good time with the Galaxy Note II during the event and there are lot more cool and interesting features. Ofcourse we will detail all of them in our coming posts very soon. Keep glued to us.

Samsung India also announced an exciting news while winding up the event. Samsung Galaxy Camera which blends the smartness of the smartphone and camera is getting launched next month for the Diwali festive season. Quiet a dhamaka isn’t it? Galaxy Camera has the smartness of Android 4.1 Jelly Bean OS within it and also has a 3G, bluetooth,WiFi options. You just can’t make a call through it but rest of all the Android smartphone features you can enable as well as quick share the photo images from the device.

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