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RAPOO Launches 7100P, World’s First 5GHz Wireless Optical Mouse with 4D Scroll Wheel in India
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RAPOO Launches 7100P, World’s First 5GHz Wireless Optical Mouse with 4D Scroll Wheel in India

Rapoo, the wireless peripheral products that we are talking quiet a lot in our website oflate have launched in India, a wireless optical mouse, 7100P which credits to be world’s first 5GHz wireless optical mouse. It also comes a with 4D scroll wheel that allows for horizontal and vertical scroll technology.


Available in black, red, green and grey colors Rapoo 7100P ‘s 5GHz strong signal ensures it cannot be blocked by physical obstructions like furnitures and partitions. It also does not get into the interference of Bluetooth and Wi-Fi.

 Rapoo 7100P Key features

  •  5GHz Wireless. Ensures faster and more stable signal that does not get away to physical interferences as well as bluetooth and WiFi signals.
  • 4D Scroll wheel. Scrolling is more fun as well as productive. You can scroll up and down, or scroll side to side.  It makes browsing and searching documents more convenient.
  • Adjustable High-definition Tracking Engine. Rapoo 7100P could be swiftly adjusted to work in 500 dpi and 1000 dpi depending on accuracy or fast movement needs.
  • Better battery. You can opt for one or two batteries. If you like your mouse a bit heavy, opt for two batteries and it also runs smoothly for 18 months. For those who prefer lighter mouse, you can stick to single battery with a life of 9 months.

System requirements

7100P wireless optical mouse is compatible with Windows® XP/Vista/Win7/Win8, though it is not yet compatible with Windows 8. The wireless adapter plugs into your system USB slot.

Price and warranty

RAPOO 7100P wireless optical mouse comes with the MRP of Rs.1,879. It comes with 2 years of replacement warranty.

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