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‘My Last Wish’ – A social Network App based on Death
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‘My Last Wish’ – A social Network App based on Death

Most of us would have ‘one last wish’ before we die. Have you ever thought how many around the world could be sharing or wishing for that one same last wish? It might sound weird but then here is one app that aims to bring together or network with people from different corners of the world coming from various diversified background to identify one another sharing that one last wish. As the App tagline goes ‘Wish, Find n Meet’ !

So how do you find the fellow ‘last wishers’ ? In this the registered user will be identified as ‘Fellow Wisher’. And the app encourages you to post and share your last wish in what they call as ‘Wish Wall’. And hey, you you can have multiple wishes too, so that you can increase your chance to find more like minded ‘fellow wisher’. As you browse through the wishes, on the right hand side you find a symbol of palm and clicking on it will add it to the ‘aLike Wishes’.

You can add this friend to contact book and communicate with him/her either by phone or email. This way you notify the other person ‘Hey! we share a common last wish, so why not we connect?’ As a security measure, while sharing the wish you can control if the email or phone number or both could be shared. Tapping on a person’s contact information within the app will add their information to the contacts list in your phone. You can also receive push notifications when people add wishes to the wall. After all, strangers are just friends waiting to happen, right? You can also share your wish on your favourite social media like Facebook and Twitter.

Developed by Ahmedabad, India based White Lotus Corporation the app is currently available only for iOS and hopefully would be available for Android in near future, if the initial response in iOS is good.

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