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LG 20EN33TS, A 19.5 inch PC monitor from LG priced at Rs.6,900
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LG 20EN33TS, A 19.5 inch PC monitor from LG priced at Rs.6,900

LG Electronics today launched its 19.5” PC display LG EN33TS monitor in Indian market.  The new 49.53 cm  monitor replaces the company’s existing 18.5” (46.99cm) E1942C model. Bigger the better right? Good news is it comes with a small incremental price difference of only Rs.600 over the outgoing model it is replacing.


The manufacturer says the new model features better specification and gives better value for money.

Sanjoy Bhattacharya, IT Head, LG India says

“As the demand for large-screen gadgets is the strongest in Asia, LG is delighted to introduce the 19.5 inch 20EN33TS PC Monitor and with it enter into a new category of PC monitors. This is a path breaking move from LG to introduce a new standard in PC monitor size and technology to provide better customer satisfaction. LG hopes to capture 30% market share from the stand-alone monitor market and establish product leadership in the monitor category.

This category contributes 50% sales to the over-all PC Monitor segment and now, with the introduction of the 19.5” 20EN33TS, LG aims to increase the category presence to 55%. Our strategy is to up sell from 18.5” screen size to the newly introduced 19.5” screen size.”

LG 20EN33TS joins the list of other monitor displays that include 16EN33, 19EN33, 20EN33, 22EN33, 23EA53, 24EN33, 27EA33, 24EA53, 27EA53 and 29EA93.

LG’s portfolio now includes entry level displays 15.6” to 19.5” (49.53 cm),  mid level displays 20.1” and 22” , and a higher display montiros that goes all the way from  23” , 24”, 27” to  29”.

The 19.5 inch PC monitor 20EN33TS is priced at MRP of Rs 6,900/-

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