The all new Kindle Paperwhite 2018 Review

Its been more than 2 years since I turned paperless with Kindle Paperwhite, and the experience has been great since then. I rarely bought any paperbooks since then and I have been consuming pages on the best selling product in the Amazon’s Kindle range. It worked great through all my travels and my rough uses, though there were few minor uplifts Amazon could do and enter the all-new Kindle…
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JVC TH-DKN-80 Tower Speaker Review

Japan’s Victor Company, is not an unknown name in India, they have been hugely popular with their car audio accessories even in small towns here and I remember our ambassador car during my school days having a JVC audio setup. Recently, they have launched their home audio products in India and what am going to review here is the JVC TH-DKN-80, a tower speaker. They also have a wide portfolio…
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Godrej EVE PT Security Camera Review - A no-hassle security solutions for Home

Godrej, the Indian brand is a household name in the country, while they have their presence in many consumer segment, the trust they gained over the Indian consumer’s psyche with their ‘safes and locks’ are formidable with reputation gathered over generations. Carrying forward the security forte they are known for, they have also expanded into new age security solutions with the…
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