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Axis Bank ProgressTogether Network gives a platform to acknowledge
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Axis Bank ProgressTogether Network gives a platform to acknowledge

‘Coming together is a beginning; keeping together is progress; working together is success’

Henry Ford

We are not an island in this world, one’s success as well as failure is interlinked to others. Behind every one’s progress there is an visible as well as invisible lifting hand of others, be it friends, relatives or even occasional strangers who come from nowhere and change the course of our life.

It would be good to acknowledge those who helped in the progress of life, don’t you think? When I started blogging, I started as an individual staring at the monitor and filling the blank space with my thoughts. The first post I wrote, I never realized I will come across many people through blogging who would share their thoughts, comment, appreciate, criticize and also many who became friends during the journey. From those anonymous commenters to those who became virtual friends and even friends whom I met offline, everyone had their share in my blogging progress. I don’t want to pull one particular name but a collective appreciation to all those whom I met in my blogging career.


Axis bank who launched Badhti ka naam zindagi campaign where it communicated how the world is interlinked with each other through our actions impacting others has extended their campaign with a social network called ProgressTogether. The new network gives a platform for the individual to acknowledge those who helped in his or her progress. Acknowledging is a powerful expression that brings immense positive energy, eventually believes to bring in infinite positive vibes through this platform.

So whom would you like to acknowledge?

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