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Asus to unveil Phone + Tablet = Padfone on 27th February at WMC
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Asus to unveil Phone + Tablet = Padfone on 27th February at WMC

There is a phone. There is a Tablet. Now, you get Padfone.

Yes, last year Asus announced its protype Padfone which would merge the phone and tablet into a single symbiotic product. And now as per various reports, Asus has confirmed that the product would be officially released on 27th February at World Mobile Congress in Barcelona, Spain.

Between the official announcement last year and now the product seems to have been fine tuned, redesigned and also infused more power both to the layers of software and hardware since the tablets are gaining faster grounds and leaping ahead in technology.  Asus has always been a frontrunner when it comes to tablet innovation and it would be interesting to see how consumers react to this new device.

The following pic shows how the phone would dock into the backside of the tablet – quiet neatly.

Asus PadFone

 So what is a Padfone ?

Basically you have a 10.1″ tablet and a 4.3″ Asus Smart phone. As you see in the picture above, the tablet has a slot in the rear for the phone to plug into it. Once plugged in, the tablet uses the phone’s processing power while the phone derives the charge from the tablet’s battery. So the tablet in real sense would be only a screen and a battery built-in.

Expected to sport  latest Android Ice Cream Sandwich and powered by Tegra 3 processor, Padfone is indeed a real out of box innovation. Since all the content would be stored in your phone, you don’t have to bother about syncing between devices. Another advantage Asus is looking at it cost cutting, since the hardware are shared and the tablet shell holds only the display and the battery. How far the cost sharing advantage would be? We have to wait and watch.

So what you think? Would you pad up to this Padfone?

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