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Wonder what the next Android version be called? It’s Android Kitkat!
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Wonder what the next Android version be called? It’s Android Kitkat!

Just when everyone expected the next version of Android would be Android 5.0 and named Key Lime Pie. Google sprang a surprise break by announcing that the next Android version would be Android 4.4 and would be called Android KitKat. Yes, you read it right. It’s the same trademark chocolate bar name from Nestle.

With the new name the company’s sticks with the long tradition of naming the Android versions after desserts. Looks like the chocolate bar is a favorite of the Android coders in Google campus and the company states it’s “not a money-changing-hands kind of deal,” with Nestle.

So next time you wrap the covers of KitKat, don’t be surprised to see an Android shaped KitKat choco bar inside! To engage the consumers, Nestle also announced there would be specially-marked KitKat packages giving a chance to win either a free Nexus 7 or a Google Play credit.

History of Android version names

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