HP Envy 15 ep0123tx review

Buying a laptop can be a daunting task. With so many options around, you need to really sit through to make the right buying decision. If you are looking at a big-screen laptop that can perform well without getting into the gaming laptop territory, go ahead read my HP Envy 15 ep0123tx review, the latest refresh from HP in their Envy series that promises a lot. The Envy series comes in a lot of…
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Lapcare Fusion Cooling Pad Review

Laptops are convenient but when used on lap for long hours which invariably most of us do, it is like putting an iron box on our thighs and getting lap burns. While the PC’s have all kinds of elaborate cooling mechanism, laptops has to content low-key solutions. Even if you keep the laptop on desk and work, it tends to heaten up within and the problem intensifies as the laptop gets aged…
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