How Indian users engaged with Alexa during lockdown - Here are the stats

Amazon has shared some interesting trivia or insights on how Indian Alexa users have engaged with Alexa during the lockdown period between March 1 – May 31. Alexa got thousands of requests every minute from customers during the lockdown!Alexa reminded customers to drink water or take medication every 2 minutesRequests for workout music increased 3XAlexa got some extra love in Hindi…
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Gamer's Alert: Lenovo and Intel’s Legion of Champions Returns

Lenovo, the world’s leading PC and smart device manufacturer, has announced the opening of registrations for the Legion of Champions Series IV (LoC IV). The e-sports competition in partnership with Intel is now in its fourth series.  The Asia Pacific esports competition, will see gamers from 12 markets in the region, for the first time including Australia and New Zealand who will battle it out…
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Wonder what the next Android version be called? It's Android Kitkat!

Just when everyone expected the next version of Android would be Android 5.0 and named Key Lime Pie. Google sprang a surprise break by announcing that the next Android version would be Android 4.4 and would be called Android KitKat. Yes, you read it right. It’s the same trademark chocolate bar name from Nestle. With the new name the company’s sticks with the long tradition of naming…
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