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Hindware Dreambath App makes you visualize your bathroom before you buy
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Hindware Dreambath App makes you visualize your bathroom before you buy

Having purchased my home couple of years back, I could relate well to a problem most people building their dream home face- fittings that look well at the showroom but don’t look like what you imagined, at home.

What goes wrong? Every room is unique due to its dimension, space and of course the people who would be using it. The fittings should merge with the theme and you need to visualize it in the actual space you want it to be. That’s where it gets challenging for many, including me. Luckily Hindware offers a neat solution which I didn’t had back then – A visualization app for your bathroom spaces with augmented reality feature.

Available on both iOS and Android (for more information of the app visit Hindware bathroom inspiration) , the app gives comprehensive information including the company’s bathroom product range, 24+ bathroom themes for you settle on your right décor for your private space, alongside features to change particular product fittings with another within the theme and get an instant quote. The highlight of the app for me is its powerful augmented reality feature which can give you an instant visual look and feel of how various fittings will look in your actual space.

Salient features of the Dreambath App:

Give your bathroom a makeover:

The app gives you access to more than 24 exotic international theme for you to reimagine your bathroom with Hindware fittings. Further an edit tool within the theme section allows you to change a particular product with a different design. Say, in a particular theme you didn’t like the particular washbasin design, you can place a different design and see how it looks in that theme. The app also gives an instant quote of the fittings that you added in the theme, which helps immensely especially for you to decide your pricing comfort zone.


The Powerful Augmented reality feature:

So, you have done the bathroom tiles and your space is ready, all you need is to see how the bathroom accessories merge in. The powerful augmented reality feature makes you place Hindware’s various products right in the space you want and get an idea of how it would actually be when installed.

Browse the products at leisure:

The Dreambath app is a catalogue of Hindware’s premium products and along with your family at your own comfort zone and time, you can browse the various products and decide which one suits your space best. Plus, it also gives you the price estimate in MRP for each design.


Locate the dealers.

The app also helps you connect with the nearest dealers in case you want to visit the showroom to take a look at the physical product and place an order.

By combining digital technology to lifestyle Hindware Dreambath promises to smoothen your decision making when it comes to designing your bathroom spaces at your home. What do you think? Take a look at the app and let us know.

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