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Edureka – A Startup Wonderkid to Watch Out For!
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Edureka – A Startup Wonderkid to Watch Out For!

If you are a computer professional, at some future time you will feel the need to upgrade your skills in the new developments or face the risk of becoming obsolete. The danger of becoming technologically obsolete is an ever-growing risk. Fritz Machlup, a noted economist sums it up as an engineer’s “half-life of knowledge,” that gets shorter and shorter over time.

So how can one stay relevant in his area of expertise? It’s quiet a challenge, though not impossible. It is not practical for people to take sabbatical and join an institution and if you plan to join an academy before or after work hours, most of us dread travelling the extra distance between workplace, home and the academy plus it also can be energy sapping after long hours of work.

Loveleen BhatiaLovleen Bhatia, a software engineer himself who went on to head the R&D of DbyDx Labs, probably came across this dilemma and that lead him to co-found Edureka ,  a live and interactive e-learning platform. Since its inception in 2011, Edureka has up-skilled 3,50,000 learners across the globe and is no mean feat.

Edureka has 75+ courses across segments; Big Data, Analytics, Mobile development, Programing languages, cloud computing, among others. With a pool of 800+ instructors who are themselves an industry practitioner and an in-house syllabus designed with inputs from the industry, Edureka has positioned itself in an envious position. Every Edureka course culminates in a live real-life project after which the learner is awarded an Edureka certificate. So far the platform has 50,000+ hours of live classes.

So what makes Edureka an interesting platform for working professionals? Foremost, it offers flexibility to learn at their own time and location, even from their mobile devices.  With my interaction with Loveleen Bhatia , what I really liked about the Edureka model is that you can come back at any point of time even after your completion of your course and get yourself refreshed on the subject and also future proof yourself on the later developments in the subjects you have joined. Edureka doesn’t bind you to particular course duration but allows you to drop in any time later and stay abreast in the new developments in the course you opted for.

So where does Edureka stands now?  In a span of 6 years, Edureka has up-skilled 3,50,000 learners across the Globe with 80% of the learners having 2-8 years of experience. Out of this 55% are from India, 45% from rest of world. An interesting fact is that many of the joiners are through word of mouth referrals from other learners which reflect the positive patronage the platform has gained.

At a time where we witness increasingly floundering start-ups who fail to translate the ambitious business plans into a money spinner, Edureka has a remarkable financial story to share. Started with an initial capital and angel funding of $250,00, it stamped an astounding 2768% growth during its first 3 years. It continues to grow at 30% MoM in India and 20% in overseas markets and expects annualized revenue of $50 million by 2019 up from the current revenue of $12 million.

With a firm business model and a positive growth story and a thumps up from the Industry, Edureka is a silent start-up making the right moves. If you are a start-up tracker, keep this guy in close radar!

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