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Tech Raman  founded in 2012, is part of GingerChai Networks.

Simplified Tech Talk. At Tech Raman we aim to present personal, consumer gadgets and allied technology in an easy to comprehend and in a simple, interesting style to appeal both tech as well as non-tech audience. But yes, having said this we would also populate our site with what a tech site best do – present tech as it is , how it is and for what it is.

Also visit our YouTube Channel, TechRaman TV apart from regular diet of review videos, we also have an interesting ‘drama-tech’ series, don’t miss it.

About Lakshmi Rajan

rajan_lThe man behind GingerChai Networks from Bangalore, India. A tech lover who began his career as a designer and shifted gears to become a pro-blogger. His unconventional, non-geeky approach to gadgets and technology lead him to start TechRaman. When not dabbling with gadgets, he also reviews books and movies and drowns himself in cups of chai.

You can follow him on Twitter @lakshmirajan or write to him at editor[at]techraman[dot]com / contactdesk[at]gmail[dot]com

He also hosts a Tamil regional YouTube tech channel TechTamizha

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